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HuB36 Gateway

The huB36 is the brains of our system. It communicates with all the devices in your home to keep you connected from anywhere, at any time. This gateway can connect to over 200 z-wave devices, allowing you to enhanve your system at any time wth just the push of a button.



  • Customize heating and cooling schedules online

  • Remotely monitor and adjust your thermostat

  • Battery operated. No c-wire required

  • Wireless alerts if your home gets too hot or too cold

Light Switch

  • Control your lights remotely

  • Set schedules, or trigger to turn on with door locks and motion sensors

  • Energy monitoring Micro SES (in-wall adapter)

Door Lock

  • Remotely lock and unlock your doors

  • Assign unique keypad door codes for guest entry

  • Optional text notifications hen doors lock or unlock

Smart Energy Switch

  • Schedule devices to turn on or off

  • Monitor the energy use of the connected device

  • Simply unplug the appliance into the smart energy switch and connect to wall power

Home Energy Meter

  • View your home's total electrical energy use in real time; view graphs, set goals and receive daily/weekly reports

  • Little to no re-wiring necessary

  • Captures the electricity rate of your utility provider

Image Sensor

  • Built-in camera takes a picture when motion is detected

  • Optional picture notification to your phone or email

  • Built-on infrared night vision

  • Compact and wireless; can be mounted nearly anywhere

  • Trigger devices to turn on or off

Video Camera

  • HD quality live video

  • Optional video notification to your phone or email when motion is detected

  • Video clips are stored securely in the cloud

Garage Door

  • Remotely open and close your garage door

  • View open/closed door status

  • Upgrades your existing garage door easily

  • Includes Liftmaster gateway and control panel

  • Facebook Classic
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